The way her father waited in the car, praying and tearing up before a first look with his baby girl – showed us that this day was going to be wholly full of perfect moments, and from the beginning of the day to the sparkler exit end, we were not disappointed.

After a first look with his eldest daughter, we brought in all four sisters and their mama for a family prayer circle before the day began.

I’ll be honest, I did not expect to tear up so much before the ceremony even began, but the moment that a younger sister’s voice cracked and the whole family of 6 started to choke back tears and finally let them fall endlessly, I couldn’t help but join in.

Mollie, you are so well loved. Not only by the groom, who was anticipating a first prayer with you so fiercely that he almost broke into tears before you even held his hand, but also by the family that has raised you with a fervent heart towards heaven.

Mollie and Andrew, thank you for letting us enter your day of love and in turn letting us enter one of the most spiritually full days we’ve witnessed.

A day full of love, laughter, and God’s light.



Hi, everyone.  My name is Mitchell Sutton. Andrew and I were teammates and roommates in college where we spent a lot of our free time relocating buffaloes, closing down the Elizabethton Applebees, and hosting tennis tournaments in our apartment’s living room. My wife, Mary Kate, and I have had the privilege of being friends with Andrew and Mollie throughout college, and trust me, this wedding has been a long time coming. Andrew and Mollie have been with Mary Kate and I for a lot of big moments the last couple of years. 


In fact, I learned this week that I have Mollie to thank for our first date. However, Mollie is also the one to thank for interrupting our first kiss. They were the first to celebrate with us when we got engaged and just a few months later we joined their families to celebrate their engagement. Eleven months ago yesterday, they stood beside us when we got married. All that being said, it is a privilege to be here with them today.


Obviously, there are a lot of people here with more wisdom than me but I’d like to share a few things that I have learned the past year that I think you may find helpful. First, three-dollar Trader Joe’s bouquets go a long way. Second, showering together is a wonderful way to save money on your water bill. Third, I cannot figure out why, but it takes her three times as long to get out of the car. You’ll have to learn to be patient; but don’t worry Mollie, there will be plenty of times that you’ll need to be patient with him too. 


Finally, and a little more seriously, is some encouragement that Dr. Eisenback gave me on our wedding day. Leading up to our wedding we heard countless people grown about the difficulties of marriage; especially in the first year. However, during our reception, Dr. Eisenback told me that the next few months would be the easiest of our lives. I immediately laughed, assuming he was being sarcastic and echoing the sentiments of other married couples. 


However, I quickly realized that he was being serious. Thankfully, he was right. The next few months will be far from what you may expect. Trust me, this is a good thing. Enjoy learning about each other. Enjoy learning the things that only the two of you will ever know.  As Robin Williams says in Good Will Hunting, “People call these things imperfections, but they’re not…  That’s the good stuff.”  So Simonsens, enjoy the good stuff.


Woo Hoo you guys did it; you’re MARRIED! Hey everyone, I want to thank you all for coming because you all mean the world to Mollie and Andrew and the fact that each one of you drove out here shows that they mean the same to you. So again, THANK YOU! If ya don’t know me I am Mollie’s younger sister, Anna. Out of the four of us girls. Mollie and I are compared to the most and you will see why haha.


 I can very proudly and honestly say that I have been looking and living up to Mollie MY WHOLE LIFE! I did what a typical young sister would do, I would want to hang out with her friends and wear her clothes (without asking always haha), but I took it to the next level. I would wake up at 6 am to “help” Mollie get ready for school a couple times a week! I would wake up to pick out her earrings and sometimes even have the privilege to straighten her hair. I wanted her curly hair and the gift with kids that she has! 


To show how much I looked up to her, Mollie’s name is the one I would give when asked if I had a role model. I wanted my faith to look like hers and I wanted to be secure in myself like she was. Not just because she is my biggest sister, but because these facts are true and she brings the meaning into so many lives! 


Some look at all of us Michna girls and see how close we all are and I give a lot of the credit to Mollie. She is the oldest and she set the tone of what our relationships would look like and I would not have it any other way. We were four peas in a pod and I was always trying to squish beside Mollie.

One night, 5 years ago Stella, Mollie and I were watching a movie when this boy interrupted and called Mollie on the phone. I had heard a little about this Andrew kid and Stella and I were insanely intrigued by what they were talking about so of course we snuck by the door and tried listening to the conversation. Once she came into the room WE KNEW something was going on. We asked over and over again if she like liked the boy and she denied EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 


This boy just called my sister on the phone and talked to her for almost an hour and she came back smiley and giggly and denied she had feelings for him. But little miss me knew the truth! By the end of the summer Mollie and Andrew were dating and I could not have been a bigger fan!!! Andrew, you have taken the time to get to know each of us Michna girls, you won over my dad and he is proud to call you his first son-in-law, and have stuck with

Mollie throughout all of our absolute craziness. You have showed me that caring, faithful, and hilarious men are still around and to settle for nothing less. Watching and learning from your guys’ relationship has been amazing and I could not have picked a more beautiful relationship to be toasting tonight! 

I love you with all of my heart and don’t worry just because you live 8 hours away in a tiny old apartment I will be visiting, and I will always be looking up to you and I will be the fun, crazy, weird aunt that loves and adores your future little ones.


Glasses up to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. SIMONSEN!!!!!!


Mollie & Andrew

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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