In this pain, is there anything God can use for good? By the end of this week’s Soul Family episode, I pray your eyes are opened to seeking out the lessons you are learning during this time – and may they impact your heart, your mindset, and the way you show up everyday.

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Episode 22: Five Lessons From 30 Days in Quarantine

Welcome to the Soul Family Show & Podcast! I’m your host Sinikka & and this week we’re talking about exactly how the Soul Family is going to be walking through this Easter season of COVID-19 continuing to intentionally choose one another!

We want normal to come back as quickly as possible, it’s painful to sit in an entirely uprooted lifestyle from what we are used to. In this pain, is there anything God can use for good?

Truly, each of us have been experiencing this pandemic differently, but change comes through challenge. By the end of this episode, I hope your eyes are opened to a few lessons or other lessons that you might be able to learn during this time – that will impact your heart, your mindset, and the way you show up everyday.

Each week of the last 30+ days has had a different mindset challenge: anxiety, loneliness, boredom, sadness, frustration. I was anxious during the time our brides were unsure and uncertain of whether they would reschedule, cancel, or stick to their date – no option was one without strings! I was lonely when it sunk in there was no place to go, and no people to talk to other than my close family Face-timing off and off. I was bored after reliving the same day again and again. I was sad during Easter week when I realized just how desperately I desired to be in the house of the Lord. I was frustrated when I realized that there was no break in my day and from dawn til dusk was on call as a mom / photographer / wife. 

  1. I felt anxious – My perspective of crisis management was off. Now I know that leaning on the Lord for words of wisdom is the key as I talk with brides, reconfigure finances, and lead a team. I cast my anxiety on Him, and began to sit in the truth that He cares for me. 

  2. I felt lonely – My perspective of community was off. Now I know Face-timing faraway family members and close friends brings a deep connection with those I love most, and it’s this that I have desired on a daily basis.

  3. I felt bored – My perspective of boredom was off. Now I know boredom breeds creativity. I got in the kitchen daily and began to create for fun and out of need to use what was in the house. Now I’m starting to create gluten free, dairy free, and almost sugar free so that I’m also creating foods that bless what my body needs. 

  4. I felt sad – My perspective of church was off. Now I know that while churches are closed, I have been given the opportunity to learn how to bring Church teachings to life at home. 

  5. I felt frustrated – My perspective of break-less days was off. Now I know that the habit of waking up before baby for some quiet time is well worth it, and that communicating with my husband’s family to find a 30-45 minute window where I could jump on the treadmill, and another 45 min window in the evening while my husband plays video games and reconnects with his brother who is not quarantining with us. These quiet times are well worth it, especially as I know now that I am an introvert, in that I generate energy by being alone. 

Challenge Brings Change

Reflection Questions: 

  • How are you viewing your current situation? What’s your current perspective?

  • What desires are choosing your perspective? (My desire for community was choosing my perspective of grief over not being at church, of my desire for money was choosing my perspective of anxiety over managing the crisis in my photography business)

  • What mindset challenges have you had? 

  • What lessons have you learned from your challenges during the quarantine?

Your Challenge:

Take time to reflect and write down the physical or mental challenges you’ve experienced, and share them with your spouse. 

Sharing with your spouse will help you both have grace for one another and communicate more clearly with one another during this time, and seeing how you are processing will allow your spouse to see your heart and open up the door for them to process too. 

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Friend, you’ve got this, and even more – God’s got this. Get out there and hug the one person you chose to be with forever. Praying you have a peace-filled day!


Episode 22: Five Lessons From 30 Days in Quarantine

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