Do you feel disconnected from your spouse – like you’re running parallel lives, or you’re just roommates? If so, this LIVE Show & Podcast is right for you because we dive into:

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Episode 6 – Marriage-Changing Habits For Your Everyday

Let’s GO!

Really, let’s be honest. I know you have felt disconnected from your spouse at times, like your siblings, not spouses. You’ve been in squabbles and sat stone-walling each other on opposite ends of the couch or in separate rooms, fuming or trying to relax. I get it. Here’s the thing, feeling disconnected can come because of a fight or just because of a weird day where you never truly felt connected, and that’s okay.

Today, I want you to walk away knowing there some real-life habits that will make it feel like you’re spouses not siblings.

Marital Habits That Will Make You Feel Closer and Connected:

  • Wake up at the same time. Then before you look at your phone at all other than turning off your alarm, greet one another! My husband and I have started doing this just after our marriage retreat and I cannot tell you how close I feel to him. It’s like I am thinking about him and keeping an eye out for him all throughout the day afterwards, because he’s the one I started the day with.

  • Sit at breakfast together. Make a bit of time to talk about what you’re looking forward to, how you slept, and how you can help each other during the day. This has been a game-changer for my husband and I recently as well. It’s so nice to be able to sit with each other, look at each other, and ask each other how we’re doing and what’s going to be great about our day – it’s setting us up for success in staying connected, and during it we feel connected – which is the most important thing!

  • Make dinner together. Talk about your day while you’re in the kitchen, making a recipe together. Break out the utensils and take time for what you really want – connection and sharing about what happened in your days. Gosh, this time in the kitchen is so special when we get it after our baby boy goes to bed, and it ends up being a date night where we end our day together thinking about what good, beautiful, positive things happened throughout the day. This just started becoming part of our toolbox of habits and it start our evening out so nicely – together!

  • Dialogue together about a variety of topics. Talk about what your spouse likes. Follow the shows that they follow and start up dialogue about what they care about. This is the beautiful act of sacrificing a bit of your day to pursue your spouse in a way that makes them feel even more connected to you, and makes for super good conversation!

  • Pray together. Before you go to bed, pray about what went well and what didn’t go well in your day. Put your marriage before God and ask for the grace to stay connected – especially pray for there to be no footholds between you! PRAY, ya’ll, PRAY. It doesn’t have to be more than a minute if you’re uncomfortable praying out loud – but that minute will work in your favor by putting God in the middle of everything!

  • Go to bed together. To be on the same daily schedule as your spouse makes you feel like you are starting and ending the day in unity, and that is an absolutely beautiful thing, friends. If you aren’t doing this, when did you stop and why? Take a look to see how you can start this again because it’s when my husband and I are in bed together right before falling asleep that we made it possible to have the habit of praying together everyday. That is our sacred time and ends the day in the best way – together.

If there is nothing else you gain from reading this, please know that the more you do on the same schedule, the more you will feel like you’re on the same wavelength, because only when you continue to pursue your spouse each and every day that you feel fully connected each and every day.

Reflection Questions: Take some time to honestly think through these questions, whether by yourself or with your spouse.

  • In what ways have you been disconnecting from your spouse?

  • What triggers you to feel disconnected?

  • What can you do in that moment to choose to reconnect?

  • What habits can you and your spouse reset so that you are on a similar schedule?

  • What activities can you do together so you are enjoying life together?

So when you find yourself disconnected, what I want you to remember is:

Pause, Pursue, Play.

  • Pause for one second to embrace the feeling of disconnect instead of trying to ignore it by busying yourself with something else.

  • Pursue whatever your spouse may be doing, do it with them.

  • Play together and relax, let yourself enjoy just being together and reconnect right then and there.

Friend, you’ve got this. Get out there and hug the person you chose to be with forever, and let them know that today and everyday “I Choose You”, and get yourself or the one you love a sweatshirt to remind you both of that too – find them in the Soul Creation’s Shop!

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Episode 6: Marriage-Changing Habits For Your Everyday

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