We arrived in the hills of Tennessee with a glimmer of hope and sweat in our brows. From the minute we arrived at the cathedral on Thursday for a full walk-through to the Sunday mass at the same stunning cathedral on Sunday, we were in awe.

In awe of the gracious, humble couple.

In awe of the absolute beauty of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In awe of the incredible family and friends whose love for this couple was so palpable you could see it, hear it, and feel it in every hug we received.

Hope and Ben, your day was one of the most sacred we’ve ever experienced. From the Sacred Heart of Jesus earrings, to the choral music during the ceremony, to the way you two looked at each other singing out with joy-filled hearts to the God of the Universe.

Everywhere we turned, sacred beauty could be seen and it was like nothing we’ve ever experienced.

If there was ever a wedding where Jesus was revered, loved, and adored, this was the one.

Thank you SO much for the privilege of capturing the holiest sacrament of love and witnessing the insurmountable beauty of your two hearts intertwining into one.



Hello everyone! For those who don’t know us, my name is Tara. I’ve known Hope for a really long time—we went to high school together.

Any my name is Emily, and I’m a friend of Hopie’s from her time at Notre Dame. I was lucky enough to spend time living in the same dorm as Hopie, both unofficially and officially.

I wanted to share a specific memory of Hope that I think illustrates the kind of encouraging, selfless friend she is. Our senior year and Notre Dame she and I impulsively decided to sign up for a 10k together. Come race day, it was grey and gloomy, probably in the mid-40s outside, and I had not run even one single mile in preparation for this race, and possibly since middle school fitness tests. So when the race started, let’s just say I was no Usain Bolt.


But, there was Hope. It takes a little over an hour to finish a 10k, and for the entire hour I don’t think she paused longer than it takes to take a breath from offering me a constant stream of words of encouragement, saying what a great job I was doing (which is the only time I’ve ever known you to be dishonest, Hopie), asking if I needed water, how I was feeling, saying how far we’d come and how far to go, and scoffing at my offers that she could totally run on ahead if she wanted. I really doubt she got up that morning excited to walk a 10k and have to become a motivational speaker in the process, but that’s what she did.

And that’s always the kind of friend and person that Hopie is. She goes out of her way to match her own pace to meet you exactly where you are, and sticks with you for the long run.

 She’s both driven and flown probably thousands of miles across the country to, quite literally, meet her friends where they were when they needed her.


I know that every single member of the bridal party, Hope’s family members, and probably many more people in this room can think of times where they really, really needed someone to show up for them—and Hope is always the first to volunteer a hug, a listening ear, her beautiful faith, and her sweet, sweet heart. In fact, I really didn’t think that anyone could ever match her selflessness until she introduced me to Ben


This is Ben. Ben, if we had to dream up the perfect man for our dear friend, you’d still be better. I don’t think either of us has ever met someone so humble and filled with gratitude. I’m sure you’ve all witnessed the gratitude, because if you haven’t already received 5-10 of the most heartfelt “thank yous” of your life from him today or in the last few days, you will.


These two together bring out the best in each other. Their gentleness with each other’s hearts is one of my favorite things to witness. The depth of care and genuine kindness they have for each other and all of us blessed to know them has been made bigger today and is just overflowing. It’s beautiful.


There were so many moments pointing to this day in the last years. But brushing my teeth with Hope and Ben the first night I knew him was the first time I knew that they would get married. Ben is just so goofy. So kind. So big-hearted. Such a good and gracious man. I could literally go on and on. But, really all I have left to say is thank you, Ben, for being the man that you are. I am immeasurably grateful for you.


Hope, thank you so much for being such a dear, devoted friend to each of us. I know we both consider you to be one of life’s biggest blessings, and can’t wait to continue as your biggest fans for this next adventure of married life!


Ben, thank you so much for the gentleness and care with which you treat Hopie. We didn’t think it was possible for someone to match our dear friend’s kindness and selflessness—but you two are truly made for each other!


Hope & Ben

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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