With much anticipation after almost 2 years of engagement, our team of four drove up to the beautiful Fort Wayne on a humid, hot morning, ready to be with Maggie and Steven throughout their whole day of bliss.

From morning until evening, we witnessed pure joy, full laughter, and magical moments that had us breathless as we captured the beauty and love that Maggie and Steven exuded.

Moments before she walked down the aisle, we cried as we held her hands and prayed that she would see God’s love as she saw her Groom.

Moments after she walked down the aisle, we were awestruck with the wisdom Fr. Dan brought with his Top 10 Marriage Tips:

  1. Your work must always serve your family, rather than your family being sacrified for your work.

  2. Don’t just pay the bills but “pray the bills” each month, so that money worries are given to the Lord and do not become a source of division between you.

  3. You must share your faith to keep your faith — continually invite new people into your home and life.

If there was ever a wedding couple so relaxed, peaceful, and focused on the Sacrament, this was it.

Maggie, from the dress you wore to the decorum you carried throughout the day – you were serene.

Steven, from the moment you saw Maggie walking down the aisle with a glimmer of love in your eyes to the end of the day where you pulled Maggie in tight with the oldest Derby hat around – you were stunning.

From our entire team to you both, thank you. For trusting us with coordination, calming words, and capturing your testimony from morning til night. It was SO much fun and came with SO many moments of beauty that we are so excited to share with you 🙂



Hello everyone! For those who don’t know me my name is Page and today I am the maid of honor but I am also Maggie’s little sister. 

I’d like to thank everyone for being here today and for making the special trip from far and wide to celebrate these lovely newly weds! I don’t know about you but I loved growing up in a family where we have had the opportunity to go to so many weddings with there being 20 grandchildren on my mom’s side. I didn’t count but I think we are more than halfway there getting everyone married off. I hope no one is getting burnt out. Then we will start in with the weddings of the many great grandchildren…and counting.

Also a big thanks to my parents and to Steven’s parents for all the planing that they did along side the bride and groom to make this special day possible. 


So I’ve known Maggie for…you know…the past 22 years and Steven for the past 5. Over those 22 years whether Maggie and I were together or apart, in the same city or not…Maggie and I have always been very close. She is creative, smart, kind and she’s my weirdo. She’s always supported me just like how any big sister should. She was even willing to be my haircut guinea pig in cosmetology school for my first ever haircut on a human and my last test out subject for school. 


I’ve learned so much from my sister growing up and that’s not because she was always the teacher when we played pretend school…Miss Honey…and I was always the student. I always wanted to be just like Maggie. This included having some of the same clothes growing up. Someone would have to change if we accidentally put on the same shirt on the same day. Usually it was whoever got dressed first got to wear it. She did show choir in high school so then I had to also. She was the lead of the musical Oklahoma in high school so I also had to take my shot at doing a musical around the same time and I ended up playing the ugly duckling. 


We ran cross country together in grade school…it was horrible…we were horrible. I’m not sure whose idea that was. She got married this year so then I have to also.Just like any sisters sometimes we get on each other’s nerves. Maggie can be a little difficult at times. 


Starting from the beginning…. Example A: As noted before as a child Maggie was quite the biter. I don’t have as much experience with this one but as you know my brother Nick did. I’m just glad they got that worked out before I came along. 


Example B: Growing up sometimes we had to sleep in the same room if we were traveling or if I was scared and didn’t want to sleep alone. Well she always complained and usually ended up kicking me out because she “claimed” that I was grinding my teeth in my sleep. Also usually on some of those same trips she got annoyed with my dad because he was snoring and because Nick was “breathing loudly”. So I really hope you don’t make any type of noise while you’re sleeping, Steven. 


Example C: We would both shower in the evenings and both being hot water hogs the amount of hot water left was always an area of conflict. 


But being completely honest other than those few examples we have gotten along better than any other pair of sisters I’ve ever heard of. 

Maggie, you are truly a beautiful bride…and I’m not just saying that because I’m your sister…but I wonder who did your hair and makeup. So, I even bought her waterproof waterproof mascara for today. Cause, either way I knew their would be some type of tears coming from Maggie’s eyes today whether they were tears of happiness or sadness. If you know Maggie even with the slightest giggle the tears start flowing.


I have really gotten to know Steven over these 5 years of having him around. We have bonded over playing the Nintendo switch and our love of cats. Now I can’t recall my very first impression of Steven but as time has passed he has became more comfortable with our family and as we’ve spent more time with him the more we’ve grown to love him as his fun quirky self. What I can tell you today about Steven is that he is an intelligent, goofy, spiritual, and compassionate person also he is a simple man. 


One example being that Steven is the last person I have ever known to own a flip phone…and I know he really misses it. He doesn’t like all those extra bells and whistles. Ok so see now I would consider Maggie to be a trendy lady and let me tell you she has slowlyyyy trained Steven in subtle sneaky ways. One of those things being his style and choice of clothing….Switching him over to wearing shorter socks…wearing sperrys instead of dad gym shoes…not letting him get his haircut at great clips and so on. By the way Steven you look very nice today too. So with that being said Steven-never be afraid that Maggie will leave you, she has spent these years training you and she won’t give that up easily. 


Steven, you are a perfect match for my sister. I see the way you guys are together and the happiness beaming out of both of you. You are truly loving, helpful, and you keep Maggie on track and mostly on time. 

Through marriage prep Maggie and Steven learned that they were baptized on the same day and who would’ve known they would be getting married on the same day many years later. 



This has been such a huge year for the both of you. Maggie finishing her residency. Steven commuting back and forth from his job in Richmond. Celebrating their wedding today, going on their honeymoon next week, buying and moving into their first house together, and expecting their first child in about 9 months. With all those exciting things happening in life most importantly I wish you two many days of love and happiness. Let’s raise our glass to the new Mr. and Mrs. Meuleman or as I like to say Dr. and Dr. Meuleman! 


Maggie & Steven

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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