That morning, I walked behind him as he took a knee in front of the altar. Carrying his rosary we walked to the Pieta and he prayed, I prayed, and we both knew Mary was praying.

We prayed for strength that he would lead his new wife with eyes focused on Jesus as his leader and on her as His Bride.

We prayed for peace and patience throughout the wedding day that they might be focused on the sacrament and not the specifics.

We prayed that from this day forward they would be united as one, fully and unconditionally.

From that start, I knew nothing less than the best would come on this December 30th wedding. With Christmas shining around us, they were filled with joy and gratitude as Abby and Blair spun around in love with the day and each other.

With Mary shining down and Christ at the helm, these two finished their day with a bang and a sweet goodbye, ready to walk through life together hand in hand.

Enjoy reminiscing on their beautiful day as you read the words from those closest to them!




“On a quaint night at Wabash College, the Phi Gamm’s decided to throw a party for the campus. As a freshman I was graced with the duty of guarding the back door and letting people in and out of the party. This is when Blair, who had had one too many…… uhhhh let’s say “root beers” came up to me and introduced himself. “Hi there. Cam Glaze, right?” I answered “uhhh yes, and you are?” and now he answered with a better introduction than James Bond, “Littrell, Blair Littrel Phi Psi pledge class president and I am going to be in the Sphinx club one day.” LET ME TELL YOU…. I was swoon. It almost felt like when a little kid introduces him/herself to an adult and tries to act really grown up.


“I promised him this was going to be the story I told, so we can keep it at that. There are a few other stories that are a bit more embarrassing. A take away from this story is his commitment. Take away all the laughter and root beer, Blair set his mind to getting in the Sphinx club and he did it. I see this same commitment in his relationship with Abby.


“Now, let’s fast forward to October 2017. Blair and his groomsmen were enjoying some beers the night before his Bachelor party day and he was discussing his relationship with Abby and what it meant to him. If you know Blair this was a 25-minute-long, uninterrupted, epic told by him. One of the big things he discussed was that he felt he didn’t need to live with Abby before getting married, because if you truly loved someone you are willing to sacrifice and devote yourself to making the relationship work and that the bond of marriage is so sacred and sure that love and faith could pull the two of them through anything. I am not sure if that could be said any better.


“With that being said, I want to thank you all for giving me a few moments of your time and I ask that we all stand again and raise our glasses in a toast to the newly Mr & Mrs. Littrell. We all wish you a long and fruitful marriage.” – Cameron Glaze, Best Man


“Abby and I met freshman year in college at Indiana Wesleyan… and not only were we in the same dorm, but our rooms were right across from each other! AND we even had a few classes together… so whether she liked it or not, we were going to be friends!!! After a few weeks of classes, we were instant best friends! We spent that year watching hours of Vines and Netflix– Parks and Recreation in particular– laughing until we were crying.. And probably at times when we should have been studying and doing our homework… But at the end of freshman year, Abby had decided to transfer schools and I was pretty bummed about it since we became best friends during that year.. But that didn’t stop us staying close! We’ve been able to have a maintain a long distance friendship through college and I’m so glad that we’ve been able to do that!


“And I know this past year has been full of major moments for Abby as she has had lots of wedding planning and finishing up college.. But even during this time, she’s been there for me for my moments.. Such as taking a full weekend to hang out with me and go shopping with me to get stuff for my new job a few months ago.. That meant to much to me that she did that for me and shows how awesome of a friend she is! And although I wish I could have seen Abby and Blair’s superrrr serious… 1 month relationship in 8th grade.. I’m glad I’ve been able to see their relationship grow over the past several years… from the text I got in one summer from Abby telling me she now has a boyfriend.. to watching Blair pop the question last November.. I’m so glad I’ve been able to be a part of some of their special moments.


“Aaaanndd a plus to being friends with them.. They are some awesome matchmakers! S/O to the cutest groomsmen over there! (point to Jimmy hehe) So thank you Blair, for always being there for Abby and being her other half! I’m so glad my best friend gets to marry someone like you! You two are perfect for each other, and although today is the most important day of your life so far I’m sure… I know it’s just going to get better from here!


“So raise your glasses and cheers to the bride and groom… may your marriage always be filled with happiness, laughter, and love!” – Lauren Carpenter, Maid of Honor


Abby & Blair

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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