You know what you never expect for an October wedding? 90 DEGREE WEATHER.

But it didn’t matter. Lee Ann was stress free, joy-filled, excited and READY to marry the man of her dreams.

The attention to detail and care that went into Lee Ann and Brad’s day was inexplicably perfect.

From incorporated her grandmother & mother’s dresses into her bouquet, to combining two different wedding dresses into one to make her day PERFECT, we were awe struck through and through.

Lee Ann & Brad, thank you for your witness. You two are truly unreal.

Full Vendor List:

Florist: Katie Sahm

DJ / Band / Live Music: Kevin Kohrman

Hairstylist: Laura Snyder

Makeup Artist: Clip Zone Salon & Spa in Anderson

Videographer: Mitchell Gaston 

Transportation: Broad Ripple Party Bus

Cake Vendor: Classic Cakes

Rings: Diamonds Direct

Shoes: Toms

Bridal Gown: Sophia’s Bridal & Tux

Reception Venue: Embassy Suites – Hilton

Ceremony Venue: St John the Evangelist 

Groom’s Suit/Tux: Jos A Bank

Menswear: Jos A Bank

Bridesmaid Dresses: Billie Levkoff

Stationary / Invitations: Vistaprint

Wow! And I thought the Cub’s winning the World Series caused emotion, but man nothing compares to the feelings I had today – standing up on that alter with my sister to my right, my brothers to my left…my smokin hot mama sitting up in front of all of you, friends and family, who have shaped us all so much and are such a big part of today. Then seeing the proudest, most emotional dad walk the stunning bride down the aisle. LeeAnn- as all eyes were on you- your eyes were on one person, Brad as you walked toward your husband – your future. For all of you not picking up on the context clues – I am LeeAnn’s oldest sister and Becca and I sandwhich Leeann in as the middle sister. I recently asked Alexa some characteristics of a middle sister. The one that stood out to me most was the fact middle children are often known to be able to go with the flow. And with a bossy older sister…LeeAnn had to play that role several times growing up.


Recently I was reminded of a great example of this. Let me take you back about 20 years ago- LeeAnn and I shared a room with bunk beds. Once we had been tucked in I would make LeeAnn plan out her wedding. Thank goodness Pinterest was not a thing back then or we would have never slept.  Yes- pretty much every detail of this wedding was planned out in those bunk beds. She would entertain me by determining her hair, makeup, bridesmaid dress, the music, flowers….and I must say she planned one heck of a day…it has been a pretty spectacular and the party is just about to get started. The one detail we never discussed was…well who you would be meeting you at the end of the aisle. Thank goodness you have had the last 20 years to finalize that detail. After 20 years of life changes and life lessons…not to mention mom’s continued prayers – you have found your forever in Brad. Brad I could not be more excited to welcome you into our family.


Yeah there is just no doubt that mom and dad’s prayers were answered when LeeAnn met you, Brad. So….from further extensive research and our questioning of Siri, another fun characteristic that we discovered to be true of middle sisters is that they are, in fact, also attracted to other middle children AND middle sisters are statistically proven to be quality marriage material. Okay, so for those of you who do not already know this, Brad is also a middle child, and so I think that it is for this very reason that we can all agree that Lee Ann and Brad just have to be a total match made in heaven right? Exactly. But to be honest, there are soooo many other reasons that I believe this statement to be true.


Over this past summer, I had the greatest pleasure of spending a lottttt of quality time with these two, and I can say without a single doubt in my mind that Lee Ann and Brad are so completely meant for one another. The time that I was able to spend this summer with the happy couple is something that I will treasure forever because it allowed me to get to know Brad beyond just “my older sister’s fiance” and truly get to know him as a great friend, the number one laugher of my jokes, and my now brother-in-law. From tearfully laughing our way through RomComs and countless episodes of The Office, to eating our weight in too much sushi and ice cream (all of our favorite foods), there is truly no other couple I would rather 3rd wheel with than Lee Ann and Brad. As many of you probably know, us Zatkulak siblings are quite the tight knit bunch and I think that we all would agree that we were maybe a little timid to welcome in another member to our family since it has been the fab 5 siblings since forever. But quite honestly Brad, after getting to know you over the past year or so and seeing how well he fits in with all of us sibs, we honestly could not think of a more selfless, kind, and hilarious die hard Cubs fan to welcome into our crazy family than you Brad.


Brad, thank you for making our sister so incredibly happy and for loving her in the best way possible. LeeAnn and Brad, you both are such a beautiful example for everyone here, young and old, of selfless and authentic love. I speak for both of us Maid of honors when I say we cannot wait to see where the married life will take you guys and we are so looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you two love birds. Now, would you please join us in raising your glass to the Coffee Meets Bagel couple of the century, Lee Ann and Brad Kawiecki.


I’m Matt Brad’s younger brother, but I’ve heard myself called “the second-rate version of Brad” from a few friends. I just say he’s older so he’s wiser.  I joke that my wife is probably a bit disappointed she met me first, but she did, and for that I thank God and, credit where credit is due, the developers at tinder.I mentioned I’m the worse version of Brad but one time comes to mind when I was the better man… Cubs game, 2001. Cubs fans have to be patient, and Brad is no exception.  He’s one of the most patient people I know – I mean shoot he’s 29 on his big day, I was only 26. woot woot.  One time he wasn’t so patient was when he told me “Matt I met someone” in early 2017, only a few dates in.  Unheard of with this guy.  It was one of the most emotional moments we’ve shared because I somehow knew his life was changed forever.  Prior to meeting Lee Ann I’d like to say I was Brad’s go-to in Indy, which came at a price at times. 


LeeAnn.  I knew you were special since Brad first told me he met someone.  I couldn’t wait to meet the mystery woman and was so happy for Brad when I did.  Our whole family is grateful came into our lives.  A few months into dating, Lee Ann reached out to me when Brad was travelling and told me she and her mom wanted to help Brad with landscaping since the previous owner was evidently a stay-at-home botanist.  So many cacti, invasive species, it was overwhelming.  She and her mom spent the better part of a Saturday working on her new boyfriend’s yard doing things not because he asked, but because they wanted to.  I knew Lee Ann and her family were keepers.  Selfless, enthusiastic, and loving.  My dad always said you don’t just marry your wife, you marry her family, and Brad you got a great one.


So now that I’ve been married for over a year, I want to conclude with 5 pieces of marriage advice, by Matt Kawiecki. 

One. Write down your memories and print out your pictures.

Two.  Put the phones away at the dinner table and eat together. 

Three. Don’t let your basement flood and interrupt a bro’s date night.

Four.  Continue to get vehicles that can hold baby seats (You laugh but when Brad bought his truck, he asked if it would accommodate a car seat, and it’s funny since Lee Ann told me that very early on into dating, Brad made sure to reiterate his truck could hold baby seats… Brad’s a family man). 

Five.   Most importantly, Trust in your new union together and say I love you as many times as you can, everyday.  

So Brad, here are a few things that I’ve come up with, but most of all trust in your instinct that’s been molded by Mom and Dad.  Lee Ann, same goes with John and Rosie.  So both of you let your instincts of humility, generosity, and kindness, and faith lead you into a lifelong journey together.  With that, let’s cheers to one of Brad’s favorites, May our circle of love grow ever stronger! Cheers


Lee Ann & Brad

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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