“Alan, I can go full-time,” I whispered wide-eyed. He grinned. Even after crunching the numbers multiple times, the answer was the same… I could go full-time and I was so ready to.

Some days it felt like my head was spinning while I was working full-time as a Project Manager, and part-time as a wedding photographer. I never felt like I had enough time to do my side hustle well when working part-time, but with every email, every phone call, and every late night hour and early morning prayer, I was one step close to being a full-time photographer.

So here’s to you dream-chasers and head-raisers, who want to know why this year was THE YEAR I was ready to go full-time. wanted to give you sneak peek to life before today to show why this year was THE YEAR to go full-time. 

1) To Give Away Gold:

With more time than ever before, this means I can truly take time to give and serve the Brides placed in my life with the words the Lord has given me! THIS STUFF IS GOLD! I have heard it time and again when I finally got the chance to truly and intentionally post encouragement. But now I have time to stick to structured content calendars and intentionally think through what the girls out there prepping for their big day have told me they want to hear. I am most excited about this because more than anything Soul Creations Wedding Photography is a ministry dedicated to providing brides spiritual and practical encouragement while on their journey to the aisle. Now, this can not only become a rare, lovely gem of an idea, but habitual, weekly gifts to the girls needing a breath of fresh air and oasis in a world of bridal magazines.

2) To Organize it All:

As I learned in my corporate position, processes can make or break a client relationship. Now that I have the time to prep, set, and schedule, all of those “I’ll never have time to develop them” tasks will be complete and churning out great things in a couple months. I can just imagine a life of sipping wine poolside with a book in hand and the sun on my back. But I do know while those dreams are awesome and possible now, that book may be on marketing to your tribe, or that wine might be a kale smoothie, and that pool might be a figment of my imagination since the summers are so hot here in Indiana. Nevertheless, my first job is to organize and develop everything from a solid shooting and editing style to business model and voice. Because it’s working on my business that will make working in my business awesome 🙂 

3) To Grow in Knowledge:

Being on an island never helped anyone, so at least once a week you’ll find me talking, networking, and thinking about new processes, trends, styles, and ideas. From networking events to courses, I am ready to dig in my heels and grow in photography, editing, accounting, and marketing. Here’s to the year of sitting down, becoming a sponge, and applying parts and pieces of courses from amazing hotshots like Katelyn James, Amy Northard, and Jasmine Star, and incredible locals like Heather Jansen, Melody Carpenter, and Jessica Strickland – because this baby business is ready to grow. 

4) To Share with the Community:

I can count on more than two hands the opportunities I had to talk with great people in my area that I wasn’t able to take because it was during the work day. Well here I come, Indy! Poised and ready to learn from others and share insights where I’m able, I cannot even wait to truly hit the entrepreneur scene to start give back. I’ll be the one grinning ear to ear bursting with enthusiasm to talk about anything with anyone, because I am so ready to give back! I am only where I am because of the people that got me here, and so I cannot wait to fully be a stepping stone for others in their time of need. Being full-time allows me to have this integral piece grow – so here’s to coffee dates, brunches, happy hours, and events that will end in great conversations!

5) To Have Balance:

I am sure you all know exactly what I’m talking about here. It’s so popular and we feel important when we say we’re busy. But we actually feel so exhausted and we’re burning the candle at both ends to make it work. Between a full-time job, a part-time job, and being a wife and homemaker… Alan and I rarely even had a night to enjoy a good ol’ movie and popcorn. Something had to give because this lifestyle was not for either of us. But in order for it to give, I had to first get. I pursued going full-time so intentionally this year because we were almost at a breaking point where if I didn’t, I would have no excess time to even cook meals from time to time. So thank goodness for answered prayer and open doors, trusting brides and a supportive community. I fully believe this year is The Year of Balance, and I am so ready for ONLY a 40 hr work week 🙂 



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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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