In their college town, Emily and Chris took to celebrating their wedding with the fresh look of a garden party tucked away in a historic manner.

From the morning of bliss to the afternoon of sun-kissed images at Deer Park Manor, this wedding was my absolute favorite from this year. I mean, working with incredible team of vendors and the sweetest second shooter definitely makes for a great day! I mean I have NO words for how fabulous her Splendid Bride dress was, and can’t even express my gratitude to the awesome hairstylist and make-up artist that was perfectly on time, allowing for just enough time for some special photos outside before the ECC ceremony.

The second we got back from that perfect ceremony, the fun began. With intro moves that could rival some synchronized swimming, their wedding party was ready to have a good time, and how can a photographer say anything but good things about a couple who was up for photos right after dinner and before the sparkler exit too?

EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING was perfect. Down to the centerpieces and The Dance Machine’s DJ-ing skills. If there was ever a wedding that made me feel like I was back in IU land surrounded by friends and family, it was this one.

In addition, if there was any tribe of people that I would want to be hanging out with on a wedding day, it is Emily & Chris’. Their wedding day was a reunion of happiness, joy, and unconditional love that was not only shared between the couple and the One that brought them together, but between the sweetest of friends as well. Ya’ll, it was perfect. Just perfect, and it was an honor to capture the silly, the serious, and the sweetness.

Before I let you go enjoy every moment captured on their beautiful day, I just haveto give a special shout out to the incredible Audrey Roloff, who gave the gorgeous necklaces to Emily to give to her bridesmaids! Audrey’s Always More necklaces put the perfect piece of gold on the gals who wore them proud, knowing that there really is Always More love, Always More time, Always More dancing. Thank you soo much , Audrey!

See the full wedding below for Christian jewelry ideas, a picture wall escort card table, and the beautiful chiffon-layered, button-laden, embroidered gown.


I walked into Deer Park Manor’s fabulous groom suite to find Chris laying on the ground, soaking in the stress and excitement of the day before him. I walked into the fabulous bridal suite to find Emily anxiously collecting details she wanted captured.

These two lovebirds were ready. Ready to meet at the aisle. Ready for their first married kiss. Ready to enjoy their wedding day together. And it was sooo obvious 🙂

Emily and Chris, thank you sooo much for capturing your incredible day. You two mean the world to me and to be able to document such a beautiful day was just an honor. I cannot wait to see what the Lord does with you two, you relentless power couple! May His wisdom and warmth shine down on you as you journey to Chicago and beyond, friends 🙂

“Chris, I often heard people talk about you before I even knew you, and it was for good reasons. You’re someone that everyone seems to know, and everyone seems to like, and when I met you, I quickly understood why. You’re a friendly and genuine guy, very consistently so.

Emily, I knew you and your sister throughout your time here at IU. You’re someone who always seems to have others in mind. Your kind words and smile can brighten someone’s day.

I know I speak for your families – I know I speak for your friends – and those who have gathered here today, when I say I am so proud of the man and the woman that you are. You mean so much to all of us.”

“I know Chris is the perfect one for email. Here’s Why:

# 1 We were going to go shopping and I got us stuck in his drive-way. Chris knows how to handle stress.

#2 The same day was the first day he drove on the highway. When he tossed his change to the toll booth he missed, that shows that Chris was willing to take risks even when he might fail.

#3 Every year, our church plays football on Thanksgiving morning. One time he split his lip open. He was willing to sacrifice for our team.

#4 Chris woke up everyday in the summer at 6am to practice his jump shot. He was persistent and a hard worker.

#5 When I got baptized, I didn’t tell anyone I got baptized, but Chris found out and was the only one who showed up. He was there for me.

#6 We spent a lot of time praying and worshipping together during a hard time in my life. Chris was willing to embrace my suffering.

#7 Chris and I had rough patches but he was committed to our friendship. It’s a testament to the kind of boyfriend and husband he will be to Em.

Let’s raise a glass to Chris who can handle stress, take risks, sacrifice, embrace suffering, and commit to Em and each other.”

– Chris, Best Man

“Emily and Chris started dating in a different way than expected. There was no surprise to us when a
group of our friends got together One Valentine’s Day to hang out and decided to make a pact to ask
guys on a date that Emily was definitely going to do it. Even though this would be a little scary, she was
determined to ask someone out.

The lucky guy she decided to ask on a date was Chris, and I don’t think any of us that night could have
imagined that it would lead to a wedding. So, Chris, you are welcome. Before their first date I remember
dancing out all her nerves and waiting up after to hear all the details. We heard about this perfect date
with a sweet guy that included Starbucks and puppies.

Since that date, Chris has been taking her on perfect dates and being a constant in her life and ours. He
has learned that when you date a triplet you are automatically putting up with the other two as well and
has been a great addition to our trio. I love how Chris loves Em so well and supports all the ideas and
dreams she has. They bring out the best in each other and Emily definitely brings out Chris’s weirdness
a little more.

Chris matches Emily’s adventure seeking, loving, and giving personality. They model Christ’s love and
forgive quickly. Chris thank you for being patient, loving, and kind when Emily is being a little sassy. You
are a special person to Emily and to be able to handle all of Emily’s craziness and goofiness. We are so
excited to have you as a brother and cant wait to see where God leads you and Em. We love you guys!”

– Natalie Jones, Maid of Honor


Emily & Chris: Southern Indiana Christian Garden Wedding

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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