Needing a boost of confidence as you walk into this decade? Us too, sis.

On today’s episode, you get a sneak peek into the monthly Wives Night Out meet-up talk Sinikka gave to wrap up a month of learning about confidence as a godly wife.

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Episode 15: 3 Declarations of A Confident Godly Wife

Let’s GO!

  • The Proverbs 31 woman was not an actual woman. Let’s be clear. King Lemuel’s mother was describing the kind of woman she hoped her son would find.

    • a steadfast woman who we are learning how to model our wife-hood after

    • We’re not talking about the perfect Pinterest mom. Or the perfect wife. Or the perfect Christian woman. We’re talking about a woman who knows who she belongs to and every good work comes from living a faithful life guided by Scripture. 

    • Proverbs 31 is not a checklist or a to do list. Instead, it’s a beautiful representation of what it means to be a godly wife

This month, we’re going to pull through this scripture and finish full diving into one of the characteristics of a godly wife – confidence.

In the workbook of our Marriage Mentorship Program (Join Us Free Here!), the gals in the community read about what it means to truly be noble, to take bold action, and to walk in confidence and self-assurance of your own capabilities in regards to managing your home and money (Read Proverbs 31:11), taking care of the short-term needs and long-term needs of your family (31:21), investing in your family’s financial legacy (31:16), and to become a learner of how to make wise decisions for your family – even if you don’t know anything about numbers right now (31:18). 

In our LIVE video in the Facebook group, you heard me talk about confidence in regards to body image. We focused up on looking in the mirror and saying, Francesca, You Are Beautiful, and seeing our bodies through God’s eyes instead of our own. We talked about how the way we see ourself impacts our husband and our children. 

Time for the wonder woman stance – let’s stand up. Breathe in deep. Arms out. 5 seconds later and you feel better. We are to steward are bodies but we are to love our bodies. You are beautiful and incredible. Each of you. You need believe it too.

In Kristen’s guest podcast, you heard her talk about confidence in regards to doing what she does for an audience of one – God – and having confidence in her actions and decisions if they honor Him, and having a standard of Jesus everyday as she interacts with her spouse no matter how kind or not so kind he’s being towards her, (Prov. 31:26) and having confidence in her role as a submissive wife in the 21st century – adhering to the headship of her husband in their family and standing beside him. As a quick note, she gave a great point on if your husband does not lead your family like Christ leads the Church (with tender love, patience, and conviction to the Father) she reminded us of 1 Peter 3:1.

This month, if you don’t take away anything else from all of this, do take away these 3 points. 

In a journal, write these declarations down:

  1. I declare…

    1. I am beautiful. (Read Psalm 139:14, Zeph 3:17)

    2. I am more than capable. (Phil 4:13)

    3. I serve an audience of One. (Matt 6:24)

At the end of our life, may the world say we are confident, noble, and courageous – as we’ve kept our eyes focused on Jesus saying “well done, my good and faithful servant” Proverbs 31:29 


Episode 15: The 3 Declarations of A Confident Godly Wife

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